About Us

CavanNet Computers, based at Corlurgan in Cavan offer a marvellous IT world to the people of Cavan & further afield through a range of computer services which are comprehensive & customer focused. CavanNet Computers Founded in August 1997 by Pat McEnroe, the company is highly reputed for its expertise in the fields of sales (PCs, laptops & all peripherals), computer maintenance & computer repairs. The main business of CavanNet Computers is the sale of computers to the business sector.

CavanNet Computers also enjoy a brisk trade in network installation. CavanNet Computers Ltd are agents for the highly regarded Fujitsu & Hewlett Packard computers, which are competitively priced. As part of their computer sales business, CavanNet Computers also sell laptops, printers, scanners, digital cameras, web cameras & plotters. Indeed, anything connected with computers, CavanNet Computers has the item for you, in stock or available within a number of days.

Another important aspect of CavanNet Computers is the repair of computers; all repair work is carried out in-house on their premises or on-site by appointment. CavanNet Computers are very experienced in the entire computer field; the company has the expertise to solve any PC-related problem you may have. CavanNet Computers have a good relationship with all manufacturers, arranging the warranty work on their behalf.