Wired Cabling

In multi PC offices or premises, a network is definitely a benefit, if not a must, for the business to operate at peak efficiency, the most simple being a wired network installation.  We are able to install the cabling and access point necessary for the location as well ensure all devices are connected correctly to the network.

Wireless Network

In this modern time, a pure wired network may not be sufficient as more and more business is moving mobile, with laptops replacing desktops, smartphones replacing landlines and tablets replacing the traditional brochure. To ensure that businesses can avail of using these new technologies we also install wireless wireless routers, access points and extenders.

Public WiFi

With the always connected culture of customers, you may want to provide a free public WiFi service in your store, restaurant, bar or hotel. With our captive access point installation, we can ensure that customers can get great speeds and know who provided it, also protect yourself by ensuring your business follows the regulations and guidelines.