Repair or replacement of faulty parts within the machine

We offer a wide selection of replacement parts for a range of systems, from replacement LCD & LCD screens, power supplies, laptop keyboard & keypads, motherboards, processors and more.

Data Transfer and Recovery

If repair is not possible, or not necessary, we are also capable of retrieving your data and copying it to a new system or a removable storage drive for you.

Solving System Issues

Be it correcting internet connection problems, remapping network drives or reinstalling drivers for removable devices, such as printers, scanners, etc, we strive to solve these issues for you.

Virus, Ad-ware & Spy-ware Removal And Protection

Suffering from a slow, unresponsive system or perhaps unable to perform certain tasks you would normally do, you may be a victim of malicious software. We have the experience of the removal of such software and can recommend which protective software packages would be ideal to protect in the future.

Factory Reset and Upgrading

There are times when unfortunately there is no simple solution other to revert your system back to the state it was at purchase. We can backup your data and restore your system and restore your system to a state you require. If needed, we can upgrade it also. Install more memory, expand the storage capabilities or even upgrade the operating system.