Whether it is for personal, business or academic use, we strive to provide a complete selection of products to suit your needs at competitive prices.


With varying specifications, from varying brands, we hope to be able to provide a system to suit a student at college, or a high specification machine for high quality home entertainment, multimedia and gaming. We offer systems which use both Intel and AMD Chipsets so to allow the choice for the customer.

For the user who needs only a system for internet surfing, word-processing and gaming, we offer systems which are designed to cater for this group of computer users by building it around the user intended for. The same applies for systems geared towards hardcore gamers, by including in the system extra components to enable the gamers to have the hardware necessary to play the latest games on the highest settings.


For those users who also need mobility as well as power, we offer a range of laptops and notebooks. In the last few years, laptops are becoming more popular to home users due to the developments in wireless technology allowing for users to relocate the laptop depending on the situation but yet still retain the functionality of a desktop.

Printers / Scanners / Fax / All-in-One Units

For the user who occasionally prints text documents, images or websites, we have a range of printers which give the user high functionality at a low cost.  For budding photographers, we also offer a range of small photo printers which can print high quality of photographs.

For the user who prints more frequently, we offer high capacity printers, some of which use laser jet technology which allows a greater number of pages to be printed in less time.  This situation would be ideal for an office environment where printing is a continuous occurrence.

We also offer a range of scanners, from basic scanners to ones with the added ability of being able to scan photograph negatives. All-in-Ones, the combination of a printer and scanner together, are also available from us. With the All-in-Ones, you not only get a printer and scanner, you also get the added ability of a small photocopier.

EPOS Systems

The latest generation of touch screen EPOS technology promises to provide concrete business benefits.

We provide a comprehensive range of Retail Terminals, Barcode Scanning Solutions, Receipt Printing, Label Printing, Displays, and Cash Drawers.

Computer Accessories

Computer Accessories are what makes everyone’s computer experience individual to them, be it the style of mouse or keyboard, size of the storage devices, or the amount of features on the headphones or speakers.